Dear participant, welcome to:

One day Tour:

Walking of Power in the Iztaccíhuatl volcano

that is part of the Workshop: “Returning to our essence: Embracing the feminine and masculine”, México 2017.


On this occasion we will continue to explore the duality of our own energy as we walk the base of the Iztaccihuatl mountain, where we will visit ancient power sites and practice dreaming Magical Passes®, intending to strength the connection with our essence.


Sunday, September 10th

17:00 – 18:45     Dinner
19:30 – 21:00     Tensegrity® Practice and Prep Session

Monday, September 11th

06:00     Departure from Seminar site
19:50     Back to Seminar site
20:00 – 21:00     Dinner @ Seminar site
21:00 – 22:30     Tensegrity® Practice @ bonfire or hall (Depends on weather conditions)

* Schedule is subject to change.

This tour includes transportation and meals.

list of necessary gear for the tour:

Necessary Gear

  • Hiking boots
  • Sport socks (Synthetic or wool)
  • Pants or tights (Synthetic or wool)
  • Shirt (Long or short sleeve)
    (Dry-Fit, Synthetic or wool)
  • Fleece or wool sweater
  • Rain Jacket
  • Small backpack (22L max)
  • Toilet paper


  • Hat
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun screen
  • Buff
  • Gloves


Also you’ll need to bring a full change of clothes (shirt, socks, pants and sweater) with the same specifications in a second bag or small backpack, with an ID luggage strap or equivalent, since this secondary gear will be stowed in the jeeps, because we are expecting light to heavy rains during the power walk.

* Remember that cotton clothes absorb a lot of humidity and take a lot of time to dry, so we encourage you to avoid them.

** Here is more information on how to dress for a hike in the mountain:

Maps and itineraries for each group:

To participate in this tour it is mandatory to download the following documents and follow these steps:

1. Download the Medical Form.

2. Fill and sign the documents by hand.

3. Scan and send filled forms to the following email:

4. Bring filled forms to the registration stand at the seminar upon arrival.

If you don’t send or bring these forms you won’t be able to participate.

Hoping to make this wonderful journey with all of you,

Argelia Aguilar, Gustavo Casillas and the Tensegrity® México Team